Weener Plastics (WP) is an expert in spray caps and spray systems, making the most of a wealth of experience in the aerosol industry built up over decades. WP believes sustainability, alongside excellent functionality and consumer convenience, is a key requirement for the development of new spray products. Our environmental focus is related to four critical topics: product design, material choice, processability and recyclability. Optimal alignment of these helps reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging and enhances a circular economy.

Ultimate Spray System: first 100% recyclable aerosol spray cap with insert

WP has developed the first ever 100% recyclable aerosol spray cap featuring an insert: the Ultimate Spray System (USS). The traditional POM insert has been replaced by a PP insert, resulting in an easy-to-recycle mono-material solution. The spray cap features an additional eco-friendly benefit: it can be conveniently removed from the aerosol container before disposal, thanks to a functional tear-open perforation. This premium spray cap and insert can be made of recycled PP (PCR), making the USS very sustainable indeed.

Furthermore, the USS is highly versatile. It provides an excellent spray performance in a variety of applications, such as deodorants and hairsprays. Depending on the formulation, customers can choose the required spray characteristics. The system also offers great design freedom for spray caps. As a result, a vast number of different designs and customizations are feasible, allowing customers to boost brand recognition or set themselves apart from the competition.

Integrated Spray Technology: an alternative to the USS with integrated insert

An environmentally friendly alternative to the USS, is WP's renowned Integrated Spray Technology (IST). These one-piece spray caps have an integrated insert – there is no separate insert, but instead a fully integrated Mechanical Breakup Unit (MBU). This mono-material spray system also allows various designs, sizes and spray characteristics for a variety of applications. If requested, the smart tear-open functionality can be included in these spray caps to enhance recyclability in the appropriate waste streams. In addition to the existing standard range of products, customized solutions have been successfully used for personal care applications by global and local brands.

Both developments are part of WP's sustainability program. Innovative technologies, low-carbon materials and smart product designs are essential drivers to improve circularity and lower the footprint of our products. Thanks to this successful approach, we are enabling customers and consumers to contribute to a more sustainable future.

WP will be exhibiting these truly sustainable aerosol spray systems in the ADF forum of Paris Packaging Week, on 25 and 26 January (stand R101) and at Packaging Innovations in Birmingham, 15 and 16 February (stand L90). Visitors will see these featured new products plus other sustainable packaging innovations.

06 Jan 2023